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Our Story

We Focus on building Strong, Intuitive and Dynamic Individuals.

Bay8 is a charitable and communal group that was founded in 2008 at Sandy Bay, and relaunched in 2015.

It involves a network of people from different backgrounds who are concerned about creating an environment where people can exist in a state of happiness Its mandate is feeding the needy, focusing on the need for strong leaders by first targeting a few good people..


We aim for equilibrium. ​

Bay8’s core vision is a state of equilibrium where entities in the universe can exist in a state of happiness.


Helping Local Communities. ​

Bay8 is a charitable entity that sets out to feed the needy and vulnerable in local communities. It also seeks to provide a holistic programme that attends to the general needs of individuals. Its charitable thrust complements an academic programme with an athletic Program. Other programs attend to the holistic existence of persons.


It’s all about happiness

Happiness is the basic of Bay8 hence our motto ‘Pursuit of Happiness’.

Bay8 Programs

Always In Pursuit Of Happiness!

Athletic Program

Empowerment of youth to become professional athletes and administrators, and then, in turn, help those who are needy.

Specialized Programs

  • Counseling and Career Guidance
  • Scholarship/Grants to Needy Youth
  • Commercial Center – an online bartering enterprise/center
  • Memorial Page- Scholarships and Grants that celebrate the memory of unknown stalwarts of society

Academic Program

An online resource center that focuses on a core philosophy of education as a process of ‘critical reflection that leads to action’

Feeding Program

Has initially targeted those in the sports program, providing them with breakfast each week; and then to others in the community and society who are in need.

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We welcome you to be a part of our organization.