What we do


Bay8 is a charitable and communal group that was founded in 2008 at Sandy Bay, and re-launched in 2015. It involves a network of people from different backgrounds who are concerned about creating an environment where people can exist in a state of happiness.


Its mandate is assisting the needy, focusing on the need for strong leaders by first targeting a few good people.Bay8’s goal continues with meeting the needs of those who are in need of food assistance through- feeding programs, and to facilitating the ability of persons to empower themselves and be independent.

The Bay8 soccer programs one faucet of Bay8 that we used to engage our young people through sports. While, Bay8 Football Club is committing itself to an academic and athletic program for persons that are ages 3 to 4 years and older. Our footballers are being prepared as a group for domestic competitions, and individually for national and international club play

Bay8 is committed on empowering youth by helping them become independent, generating income for the players, their families and the organisation through the sale of players. In as much as Bay8 FC also intends to be a vehicle for raising funds for the charitable programs of Bay8.



The entity hopes in the near future to offer a holistic program that caters to all aspects of its members, including the Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Educational, Psychological and Physical.? A program that will extend to adults, and provide a network of individuals and groups that provide support to each other. The future academic programs will see young men and women being trained within an educational framework that speaks to their evolution. In the final assistance, no one is to be left behind, regardless of their class, color or creed?

Since 2018, Bay8 has extended itself to serving as an umbrella and affiliate with groups including the St Augustine Place of Safety; Foga High School Female Footballers and the Old Harbour Church of God in Jamaica.

Bay8 is the home of happiness; Bay8 fc the home of happy soccer

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