Steering Committee

Meet the persons Behind Bay8

Mr Michael Irving,

Director, Coach,

Dean of Discipline of Foga Rd High

Preamble:  My interest is simply in serving my society.  ‘I speak to all people’, but I do have a particular interest in program for educational, sports, youth and community development.

Particulars:  I now serve as a school administrator, working in the capacity of Dean of Discipline, while undertaking M Phil/PhD Studies in Theology(& Education) I am aiming to use Christology as a point of reference for exploring youth and community development – via a reformed educational model.  The intended thrust of my work is to seek fundamental reform in the ‘laws’ of society, I also serve as a motivational speaker in the interim.

Past Experience: In the past, as with the present, I have served as an Educator Counselor locally and overseas, and have also worked in communities and with civic Jamaican organisations such as NIA, CAFFE, PALS, JET. I have also had training in Investigative Journalism & Social Work,

Planned Career Pathway: Having been trained as a Minister in Theology, and with three decades of experience as an educator, my aim is to ultimately serve as a community worker and educator.

Philosophy & Philanthropy:  My ultimate goal as an educator is to inspire a praxis-oriented approach to life – culminating in individuals being able to affect their existence and that of others in a positive manner – one that can only consolidate the process of human development and self-actualization.  

My Bay8 charity is an initiative that seeks to reach out to all needy, while focusing on selecting ‘ the few good men and women’ who truly wish for change. Bay8 uses sports as a point of engagement.

Miss Kizzie Stewart

Assist Chief Administrator

One of the founding members of Bay8, she is a trained Primary school teacher who deputizes for Mr Irving when he is away.

Her Children Kiara and Mark are among the longest registered members of the football program

Oneil Jones

IT Consultant,

Website Admin

Some of our Present Football Squad

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